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October Promotion - Dry Carpet Cleaning Starter Package
Pro 2 Toilet Cleaner
Pro 3 Anti-bacterial Multi-purpose Cleaner
Pro 4 Biological Washroom Cleaner
Pro 5 & 5.5 Mould Inhibitor & Wetting Agent
Pro 7 Biological Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Pro 11 Limescale Remover with Acid Replacement Technology
Pro 12 Industrial Concentrated Limescale Remover
Pro 14 Floor Clean & Shine
Pro 22 Liquid Spill Absorbent Crystals
Pro 23 Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser
Pro 24 Biological Odour Eliminator
Pro 35 Biological Exterior Hard Surface Cleaner
Pro 39 Treadcare Escalator & Travelator Cleaner
Pro 40 Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning Microsponges
Pro 41 Envirodri Spot Remover
Pro 42 Spot Remover Wipes
Pro 43 Envirodri Pre-Cleaner
Pro 44 Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Pro 45 Carpet Care Spotting Kit
PRO 51 Grey Water Treatment
PRO 52 Biological Waste System Treatment & Drain Maintainer
Pro 54 Plate Heat Exchange Descaler
Pro 55 Off Shore Turbine & Oil Rig Treatment & Wash
Pro 57 Bio Cube Urinal Cubes
Pro 58 Biological Grease Trap Blocks
Pro 59 Biological Moss & Algae Remover
Pro 70 Refrigeration Condensate Treatment
Pro 71 Coil & Cabinet Cleaner & Degreaser
Pro 74 Drainclear Maintenance Treatment
Pro 75 Refrigeration Maintenance Kit
Pro 81 Biological Interior Hard Surface Cleaner for Vehicles
Pro 82 Heavy Duty Floor Degreaser and Cleaner
Pro 83 Biological Heavy Duty Floor Degreaser and Cleaner
Pro 84 TFR Super Shine
Pro 85 Exterior Window Cleaner
Pro 86 Quick Gloss Polish
Pro 88 Gum Remover
Pro 89 Adhesive and Graffiti Remover
Pro 90 Interceptor Maintenance Treatment
Lindhaus Dynamic V 380E Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner
GEN 4 Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine
Treadmaster Escalator Cleaning System
Lindhaus Dynamic V 380e Vacuum Cleaner Bags & Filters
V38D Cloth Bag
Envirodri Gen 4 Replacement Brushes
Envirodri GEN 4 Machine Twinning Bar & Adapter
Engineering Cloths
Oil Absorbent Pillows

Meet the i-mop

A full size scrubber dryer with the flexibility of a flat mop

Introducing the cleaning revolution.  Welcome to the i-mop. The i-mop�s combined technologies and unique design makes the current drudgery of cleaning effortlessly quick and unmatched in sanitation. Unlike current cleaning tools and machines, this break through cleaning system is literally effortless to use. It is extremely lightweight and is able to deliver cleaning solutions through specially designed high performance scrubbing brushes, followed by a powerful vacuum drying system. The i-mop allows the user to clean in and around tight, congested areas such as in bathrooms, around toilet basins, tables and chairs and under desks, fixtures and shelving with unmatched ease of operation.

This cordless wonder is the lightest cleaning tool within its domain at 40 lbs. and can be transported up and down stairs without issue. The i-mop is remarkably compact when it comes to efficient storage. Unlike other floor cleaning machines which require significant muscle and training, the i-mop is safe and simple requiring virtually no training.

This break through scrubber dryer outpaces anything that currently exists allowing its user to literally clean as fast as the user can walk. Utilising a patented 360 degree hinge technology, the i-mop turns on a small radius offering a sharp, quick and controlled instant direction change to effortlessly go where no other scrubber dryer can, including up hill.

Changing the way you think about cleaning.

Image of small i-mop logo Cleantec Innovation
Average labor savings from i-mop utilisation will return the initial investment to the purchaser within the first 150hours of operation.

Image of small i-mop logo Cleantec Innovation
The i-mop effortlessly removes any and all dirt through it's unique patented cleaning, scrubbing, rinsing and recovery system.

Image of small i-mop logo Cleantec Innovation
The i-mop puts the fun in functional with it's ergonomic self-propelling design to deliver the highest possible cleaning standards conveniently and more efficiently.

Image of small i-mop logo Cleantec Innovation
Cordless! No more trip hazards or downtime. The i-mop can be used at any time through-out the day with minimal disruption.

Image of small i-mop logo Cleantec Innovation
Scrubs and dries at the same time! Eliminates the need to fence off areas and lessens the chance for accidents to occur.

Image of small i-mop logo Cleantec Innovation
46 cm cleaning path. 2 Motors and nylon protective bumper.

Image of small i-mop logo Cleantec Innovation
Titanium hinge. Cleans underneath objects with 360 degree flexibility.

Image of small i-mop logo Cleantec Innovation
Easy to fill, clean & empty above a sink. Use different tanks for different chemicals. Offers separate on board tanks for clean and recovered water.

Image of small i-mop logo Cleantec Innovation
Exchange batteries with a few simple clicks.1 hour recharge lithium-ion batteries for 24/7 cordless cleaning.

The i-mop was designed with both male and female users in mind and requires virtually no training. It really does need to be seen to be believed. If you would like to book a demo, find out about pricing or for any further information please call 0800 157 7332 or alternatively click here to contact us.