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Pro 55 Off Shore Turbine & Rig Treatment & Wash Product Information

Cleantec are committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of conventional cleaning. Microbe technology is an advanced and environmentally friendly cleaning agent that is core to many of our products. To find out more download the PDF.

Pro 57 Bio Urinal Cubes Product Information

Urinals can look clean, but if you are only relying on water to flush clean, you will get a limescale build up firstly unseen, then visible. Even when unseen, it gives a surface that bacteria can latch on to and take hold, with the nasty odour soon to follow. Find out how our pro 57 bio urinal cubes treat urinals to combat odour and fight future build-up

Risks associated with wet cleaning methods (Image)

If wet carpet cleaning is not performed properly damage such as shrinkage, water marks and colour bleeding can occur. This document illustrates the most common risk: Re-soiling.

imop Product Brochure

The revolutionary i-mop crosses the mobility of a flattop with the cleaning power of a scrubber dryer to create a cleaning machine without limits.  

Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning System Brochure

Download the Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning System brochure

Cleantec Innovation Treadmaster Escalator Cleaning Machine Brochure

The Cleantec Innovation Treadmaster Escalator Cleaner is a fully automatic, hands-free machine which uses up to 98% less labour than conventional escalator cleaning methods.


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