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Envirodri Gen4 Cleaning MachineThe GEN4 Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine is at the heart of the Envirodri system. Working alongside the Pro 40 microsponges, the machine works by gently agitating the sponges into the carpet using the counter-rotating brushes.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will help keep your GEN4 operating efficiently, extend its life and retain its value. So after each use of the machine we always recommend you follow the steps below:

1. Remove the machine from its protective tray and gently place on its side.

2. Remove the rods to release the brushes.

3. Using a dustpan and brush remove any loose microsponges from both brushes, as well as inside the casing.
TIP If you have chance, clean the machine a few hours (or even the next morning) after use. This gives the microsponges chance to dry out, making cleaning a lot easier. We suggest using the hose of a vacuum cleaner to remove all loose debris 

4. Replace the brushes and store your machine in the protective tray until next use.

Important: If the machine has been used to clean contaminated or infectious areas (e.g urine, vomit etc...) brushes should be removed and thoroughly cleaned immediately after use. Brushes can be placed in an autoclave or follow the cleaning guidelines under 'ongoing care and maintenance'. 


Please store your GEN4 in its protective tray or on its side - this prevents the brushes from being damaged.

Ongoing Care & Maintenance

If needed the brushes can be washed. To do this dip them into a bowl of warm soapy water (a very small amount of washing up liquid will do).
Do not soak the brushes. For best results let them dry naturally in a cool, dry place and ensure they are completely dry prior to next use.

Aim to keep your cord untangled at all times, when the machine is not in use always wrap the cord around the clamps on the machine to prevent the risk of kinks or broken wires.

Check your handle regularly – including tightening any screws when needed.

Don’t forget to wipe clean the outside of your GEN4. A quick wipe down after use with a clean, damp cloth will keep your machine looking good and prevent the vents from becoming obstructed.

Keep wheels clean, making sure you remove any debris that may restrict movement.

Regular Servicing:
To keep your GEN4 Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine in optimum working condition we recommend booking the machine in for a regular service. Our machine servicing is a cost-effective way to ensure all parts are secure and working through rigourous testing as well as receiving a full clean down, replacement of parts, lubrication and an engineer report. 

For more details on our service plans or for additional assistance on maintaing your GEN4 please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.