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For thousands of years, people have enjoyed chewing, simply for something to do. Over the years this has included chewing on anything from tree resin and grass, to leaves and grains.

The history of chewing gum is plentiful but let us fast-forward to the 1860s where modern chewing gum was born from a substance called chicle (tapped from rubber trees). However due to the limited nature of harvesting chicle, most modern chewing gum you see now is made from synthetic gum bases with added sweeteners and flavourings. This readily available, mass-market sticky product is produced in the trillions each year and unfortunately, a large percent of that then ends up on carpets, pavements, under desks and on walls. If it has ever happened to you, unless dealt with immediately, normally it can become almost impossible to remove. But don't worry, there is a simple method to removing chewing gum without needing to invest in any heavy duty machinery.

How to remove chewing gum from carpet:

You will need:

  • Gloves
  • Flat head screw driver or similar tool
  • Damp White Microfiber Cloth
  • Pro 88 Gum Remover

1. Start by carefully making an incision in the gum using the screwdriver or similar tool. Take care not to damage the carpet underneath.

2. Next, cover the entire surface of the chewing gum with Pro 88 Gum Remover. If there is a lot, pierce another hole in the chewing gum to accelerate the process, allowing Pro 88 to reach the underside faster.

3. Leave for a couple minutes until it becomes soft. You can use this time to work on any other chewing gum in the area.

4. Once the gum has softened, simply roll up from the carpet and dispose of appropriately. Finish by gently wiping the surface once more with a small amount of Pro 88 and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

You can also use this exact same process above to remove chewing gum from hard surfaces and other textiles including pavements, walls, desks and curtains. 

In some instances, chewing gum can also inexplicably end up on clothing. This might be frustrating but fortunately there is a way to remove this using everyday household items. 

How to remove chewing gum from clothing:

A quick and easy way to remove chewing gum from clothes is to use the ice method. Simply, hold one piece of ice directly onto the chewing gum and another piece on the underside of the garment. Wait for a couple minutes until it has completely hardened and then gently ease off with a blunt knife or spoon before it has a chance to soften again. You might need to repeat this process to remove any remaining fragments. If this is the case, pick off the last remaining pieces with a pair of tweezers. Once removed, wipe over and wash as normal.

However if the gum is really stubborn, then you may need to switch to a specialist chewing gum removal product like Pro 88.